Women's Health

We look at one of the most powerful forces now fast marketed 64 aging: hormone replacement therapy. Estrogens praised relieve symptoms of hot flashes, prevent osteoporosis (known as "brittle bone ' disease of aging") and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Estrogens, however, are not without risks. As "pure" estrogen increases the risk of cervical cancer, some women take a combined pill combination estrogen and progesterone. Although this reduces the risk of uterine cancer experts make sure that HRT can increase breast cancer risk in the long term. The results of the intervention of estrogens and progestins post-menopausal November last year showed published hormones reduces the risk of heart disease, the study was too short, able to manage the risk of breast cancer expected long-term studies.

Estrogens or exercise?

Before a hormone pill or patch, consider therapy "Miracles", you may have forgotten that. Performing Member States.

Walking has proven lower hypertension and exercise to control diabetes and possibly prevent this. Women's heart, high risk factors include diabetes and hypertension.

Osteoporosis, carrier exercises how to run and lift weights, build bones. Swimming traditionally as a bone Builder can be beneficial.

Keep in mind when you talk about heart disease or other health problems you have with your doctor before vigorous exercise.

If you've had a hysterectomy were symptoms of menopause, serious or very strong risk factors for heart disease or osteoporosis, hormone can benefit. But regardless of whether you choose hormone replacement, you can try for me to use other "miracle" treatments.

Women: health facts

According to experts, the most common sexual problem in women's cardiac patients is experiencing a lack of will.

If a woman had heart surgery, you his engraving of meddlers. Or fear, an active role in sex.

Afraid to take their turn evil can partner. Is, some drugs to reduce the passion.

The key to good sexual intercourse is the same as the key to any disclosure of relationships. When used to openly discuss their questions should facilitate as these sexual speech.

Is one of the biggest fears for all patients, male or female, experienced sexual arousal leads to a heart attack. Fortunately, this fear is not based in reality. Here are the facts for most women.

When you get a job, a flight of stairs without becoming breathing or chest pain passive sex can be resumed with security.

If you think you're active partner or predict find particularly exciting sex stairs two flights without chest pain, shortness of breath or climbing is the general rule.

If you have questions, talk with your doctor. Helps an approved training programme, including sex as you!