A cost-effective group insurance singapore plan intended to fulfill the Ministry of Manpower’s need for mandatory medical insurance for foreign employees at a reasonable price. If an insured foreign worker needs hospitalization or surgery in Singapore during the policy year, the plan covers the bare minimum medical coverage for the duration of the policy year. Programs may also be customized following the business’s insurance policies to align with their pay and benefits philosophy.

One of the essential components of most employee benefits packages is group life insurance. Suppose you are an employee working for an organization. In that case, you can contact to learn more about the group term life insurance policy in Singapore and to receive individual assistance in determining whether the needs of your family and yourself are adequately met by your employer’s insurance plan of employment. If this is not the case, there is an offer from the expat insurance about a term life insurance plan that will cover you, and you can take it with you when you leave on your next abroad posting or when you return home for the next time.

Advantages of Purchasing International Group Medical Insurance

These plans offer comprehensive coverage across the globe. They enable your agile team to get high-quality medical care no matter where they are working, thus eliminating the need for them to wait till they return from a business trip to seek medical treatment. It is possible that including this perk may be attractive to prospective workers, particularly if you need them to travel often.

You may make it simpler for your workers to understand what they are covered for under their group health insurance policy. Employees may concentrate on their health rather than worrying about their final payment thanks to benefits specified by hospital room type and access to direct billing.

Value-added services such as Employee Assistance Programs, Second Medical Opinion services, and technology-enabled solutions such as telemedicine allow for more comprehensive solutions to be implemented.Combining all of these employee perks into a single package results in a much more cost-effective outcome.

Employees and their families may benefit from affordable group health insurance coverage because the costs are much lower than those of purchasing individual health insurance.By entrusting Expat Insurance with the procedure, you can ensure that your workers’ medical benefits are protected. Fill out the online form, and a member of the staff will contact you within one business day.


They will collaborate with you to identify and prioritize requirements, as well as to address problems. The award-winning brokerage has experience working with some of the most well-known companies globally, and they are capable of obtaining the most competitive group health insurance rates for your company. Expect nothing less than first-class service from us as they act as a link between the insurance provider and your employees and customers. Maintaining the safety and respect of your workers is valuable.