If you believe bubble wrap is used for just padding out boxes that are to be moved out and for mailing delicate pieces through the post, you are wrong. There are many empirical ways to use it around the house, think beyond bubble wrap for moving and it will leave you wondering how you stayed without bubble wrap before.

Before dispatching outrageous quantities of plastic to landfills, look into these awesome suggestions.

  1. DIY insulation

If you keep a specifically draughty area at home, you could utilize bubble wrap for additional insulation. You can slash your heating charges relatively drastically without having to spend a fortune on renovation. Close gaps and lines in windows with a layer of some bubble wrap.

  1. Cover for Steering wheel

If you are suffering from road excitement or if you drive anxiously, keeping something to burst will help de-stressing. Just grab a few bubble wrap pieces and tape the bubble wrap safely on the steering wheel.

  1. Relaxed camping

If the sleeping bag you are carrying is not comfortable enough, spread a few big bubble wrap sheets on the floor and you can sleep on it. A soft and relaxed bed can also keep any snoring away. It will give insulation against the cold ground below. It is also very satisfying.

  1. Insulate drinks

Hold them warm for a longer duration. If you prefer a hot flavorful beverage, however, the heat does not stay around for a long time, insulate the travel cup with bubble wrap. How much warmth it keeps in, you will be surprised to know.

  1. Fancy dress clothes 

You can make your costume from bubble wrap. You will for sure get loads of attention, however, we can not assure any trophies for the best-dressed!

  1. Pad the garden tools

If you invariably get blisters by using garden tools like spades and brooms and if they don’t carry the most relaxed handles you can put in some extra cushioning with the help of bubble wrap sheets.

  1. Foot support

If your feet twinge post a very long day, get some additional shoe backing with the bubble wrap. Taking your pair of shoes and tracing out the lowermost on some bubble wrap. Chop around the contours, eliminating an excess inch from the rim. Snap the insoles in the shoes and use them now.

  1. Shelf liners for the refrigerator 

A bubble-wrapped shelf liner is much effortless to clean. If you like a more neat, organized refrigerator, you can purchase shelf liners, however, why not prepare your shelf liners using some bubble wrap? It is excellent for conserving fruits from getting damaged and also for cushioning the eggs.

Just cut to the required size and spread on the top of every shelf in the fridge. Restore as required to maintain your fridge hygienically.