If you say Hong Kong, you will remember its worldwide metropolis, diversity, and city. However, Hong Kong’s residential area of population is also an alternative feature. There are many methods and ideas here at Masterspace to precisely organize areas for the most excellent fit.

Now you can see it: rest, relaxation and plain old fun. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get straight to the point where you can enjoy all this and don’t bother about packaging? While the team may pack for you and save you worry, they have made the ultimate packaging guide together, a collection of travel tips that will facilitate your life.

Packing a suitcase may appear like a simple job, but it is one of the things that many travelers are incorrect about. You never seem to have enough room to pack your clothing but to carry your souvenirs and other items back on your return journey. Fortunately, it takes just 10 seconds and a few space-saving ideas before you can significantly decrease your baggage battle. Travelers may use these ideas and learn how to pack a bag every trip from start to end!

It is pretty simple for your clothing to get crowded and disorganized, no matter how large it is. One of the most significant contributors to this is incorrect folding methods and inefficient space use. In theory, a wardrobe should make storage more convenient while also being more practical – but for people who aren’t storage experts, the reverse is frequently true.

Classify clothing by day

Most individuals arrange their clothes according to clothing kinds. Underlying jeans, jackets, and sweaters above, top and underwear t-shirts wherever there is room left. This is a guaranteed method to rub your luggage on vacation from your first day. Before you know, you’re left in your case with a messy stack of clothing, and you can’t yet locate the shirt. Try this: put your dress in plastic bags every day. This way, you will always be able to access your next outfit.

Select the appropriate case for packaging

Many examination findings indicate that luggage space is frequently inadequate because the passenger has chosen the incorrect size suitcase. It is essential to select a functional case and one that offers you enough storage space. What is critical to understand is that the solo traveler is different from the family traveler. While traveling with a family, the biggest problem is that your kid may not transport their baggage, and the parents will have to carry their luggage. Therefore, according to the kind of traveler and the period you travel, the following sizes are recommended:

The following are recommended for a separate traveler

  • For five days of travel – The suggested luggage size is 20.”
  • For seven days of the trip, suitcase-size is 24-26.”
  • For ten days of journey or trip, suitcase-size should be 28.”

The family case (1+1) contains one adult plus one kid.For four days, 24″ suitcase, in the same way for six days the suitcase should have been 28″ and for 8-10 days bag will be 32″.


These are a few tips and hints for the best packing options in a suitcase while traveling to make the journey fuss-free and hassle-free.