Many people are already investing and earning through Bitcoin. It is one of the largest and most popular digital currencies that are used for various transactions. People get attracted to it as the technology provides many benefits to them. It is also considered to be a smart decision any individual can make as people believe it to be the future of investment.

For those who are thinking of investing in bitcoin and learn more about it, will be an informative website that will provide all kinds of details like why bitcoin is a good investment, when to start investing, how to be successful in cryptocurrency, and much more. Not only this but the site is also known to monitor the position of different elements like the Bitmex leaderboard.

What is the main benefit of investing?

  • Bitcoin is extremely scarce as it has only 21 million available all over the world.
  • It has the highest adoption rate when compared to any other cryptocurrency.
  • It is decentralized and is not governed by any authority.
  • Many institutional investors are considering bitcoininvestment.
  • Bitcoin is compared with gold as a digital alternative.
  • It is also the best performing asset over the past 10 years.

Is it possible to predict?

Bitmexleaderboard basically monitors the leaderboard position on the website 24/7 and helps to come up with a real-time prediction about the positions that have been taken by successful traders. To make the prediction, they consider the overall profit of the user in Bitcoin.

If the overall profit and bitcoin have increased at the same time, this literally means that the user has a long position. In the case of a short position, it is the opposite of the same. On the other hand, if the overall profit has increased and the Bitcoin price has decreased, the user is probably having an open short position.

The website ensures that the data is updated every 5 minutes so that people do not get the wrong information or position. The bigger traders definitely have a better edge than the others and that is the main reason why they are on the leaderboard. Get to know more about the combination of these digital currencies and the statistics on the website.