With the onset of the pandemic, many people started taking care of their health more than before — from regular checkups to screening their blood tests, most people became more health conscious to avoid being victim to the wave of sudden deaths again. Those suffering from heart problems or having a family history of heart issues should take regular checkups and test for calcium score screening in Morristown, NJ at an affordable price.

Unlike normal CT or heart scans, a calcium score test screens for the blood clot and tissues of the heart specifically, making it quite beneficial for an in-depth checkup in case of any sudden contraption felt in the chest region. It can detect any abnormalities in the heart accurately, making treatment planning easier with one’s doctor.

What is a calcium score test?

While the name may make it sound like a test for bones, it is essentially a detailed heart scan aiming to detect blood clots, tumours or any other defects in the heart that can be caused due to sudden disorder or due to genetic composition passed down in one’s family. One such heart disorder is where the tissue of the heart starts calcifying, making it harder to beat and extremely painful — thus, the name of the test as it helps detect such disorders in one’s heart.

A calcium score test can also help one determine if their blood vessels are clogged or going through extreme pressure to cope with the body’s needs. By doing so, one can even predict if the patient may encounter any chances of heart attack or cardiac arrest, making it much easier to avoid and control one’s blood pressure before anything life-threatening occurs.

As for how often one should get a calcium screening, it depends on one’s first score on the test and their doctor’s suggestion, especially if they are a cardiologist. Most of the time, if any plague or blockage is detected then it is suggested to get such a test once every two weeks. Otherwise, biannual testing is sound and much cheaper to do so.


In the end, calcium screening is a test that can be quite life-saving considering how many deaths occur due to heart problems. Thus, anyone with heart issues or having heart problems in one’s family genes should frequently visit the hospital to get calcium tests to avoid any kind of life-threatening issues.