If you use social media regularly, then you could see the posts of many models with the perfect body. Many people would always want to know the secrets behind it so that they could get the perfect body shape. But not photos that you see on social media are real, and many photos were edited. But also they do their contribution to get the perfect body shape. Not all social media stars share their secrets behind the photos. The woman with eight million followers, abigail ratchford shares her few secrets behind the photos.

Abigail’s efforts to get perfect body shape:

Abigail follows a balanced diet and does regular workouts to maintain their body shape. Many would consider that don’t have to work on anything to get the perfect body. But that’s not true, if they want to reach the followers then it is not possible without the right shape and curves. So, she used to take nutritious foods and do different workouts. These efforts should be continuous if she wants to maintain her curves.

Next, she had made artificial enhancements to her body to get an overall perfect look. However, genetics and proper diets help to maintain the perfect shape, it is significant to invest in the right treatments to get flawless looks. She has opted for the treatments to change the looks of her arms legs, and lips. Also, she spends money every month to maintain them.

perfect Instagram Photos

Photos are tuned:           

Now, if you think that every photo on Instagram is real then it is not true. The abigail ratchford also accepts that she uses the FaceTune app to edit her photos. Not only Ratchford, but most celebrities also will not post their photos without the proper edits. They do only minute edit works to make them look attractive and real. Because over effects or anything can be easily identified. So, many models alter only the body shape or lightings to make their photos perfect.

Abigail creates the perfect image of her body before posting on Instagram. Because she knows that people don’t like the photos even some flaws in her body. So, she is careful about posting her images. She also added that not her body on social medial is real and so asks the people to feel happy about their body shape.

Thus, these are a few secrets behind attractive Instagram photos that you should know.