In this difficult time, shopping has become increasingly difficult. As those who follow us already know, we have always used various online shopping services for the purchase and home delivery of foodstuffs (we have already written several articles on where to buy meat and another more generic one that you can find in the links in bottom of the article).

We have tried to summarize here the services that are currently active and that we have experienced (directly or indirectly) and that we know how to work well.

Online shopping: food at home in the time of the Coronavirus. The list is dynamic, we ask you for your collaboration to spread it. Beehive that says Yes, The Hive that says Yes represents the modern evolution of a gas (solidarity buying group), each hive uses local suppliers and guarantees the sale of quality products, belonging to the most diverse food categories (usually fruit and vegetables, but also meat , flours, bread, dairy products, eggs, wine and often even household products). You can register online, pay and collect directly from the hive of your city (if available), at the moment some hives are also making home deliveries, but the organization of the distribution is so fast and well managed that if you are not in difficulties (age, health problems, etc.) going to collect your order is not complicated at all. Producers freely set their prices. Collective intelligence guarantees the quality of production. Logistics must be reinvented to harmonize proximity and sustainability. The value needs to be shared rightly among the stakeholders. Eating well is something you learn. The agricultural transition must be actively supported fresh seafood delivery.

Strengthens the immune defenses, improves energy metabolism and facilitates the activity of the nervous system, supporting a healthy and robust constitution. It is essential to preserve the right levels of homocysteine, an amino acid present in the blood considered responsible for being able to determine some diseases if its value exceeds a risk threshold.

Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D 3 , fat-soluble, is mostly synthesized by our body, through the absorption of the sun’s rays operated by the skin. This vitamin is a regulator of calcium metabolism and for this reason it is useful in calcifying the bones, and helps to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. It also strengthens the nervous system and the heart. To produce sufficient quantities of thyroid hormones, it needs iodine intake and fish is one of the foods present in nature that contains the greatest quantity, since iodine present in the sea accumulates in fish and crustaceans, the consumption of which thus ensures us the achievement of the iodine requirement recommended by the guidelines.

Attention, the service is national but not all cities have a beehive that can be opened on the initiative of any citizen, as long as they have a suitable place for deliveries.