Coffee lovers around the world are surely acquainted with the name Starbucks. One of the branded and luxurious arrays of coffee paradise, even the glass and its logo is a fantasy for many. The craze for the logo imprint became a trendy bait for several product manufacturers to come up with Starbucks merchandise. One of the celebrated Malaysian online retail marts, JETSPREEhas recently launched the sippers and jars of Starbucks merch, which resulted in hurried attractions around the country.

What Is The Merchandise Speciality? 

The favoured company may be the universal name, but its theme for every country stays distinct. The mart has come up with drinking bottles and mugs of all kinds with different Starbucks logos. The customers have a wide catalogue to scan for official bottles, steel thermos, plastic kids’ sippersor even exclusive coffee mugs authentically imprinted with the logo.

The logos are specific to the countries like Japan or China, differing in the minute aspects. The designs and colours or even the shapes of the pitchers are themed according to the country desired. Suitable for both tea and coffee, the beverage addicts are not left from trendy flashing designs to the traditional touch of wood and glass. The mugs also feature handles, lids and even water pouring marks to make a perfect drink to cherish.

Living in Malaysia, the customers can easily enjoy the lavish feel of foreign experience whenever they want. Starbucks Malaysia tumbler range is affordably available in online bookings and free shipping in the country to ensure the expensive feel of the drink with every normal sip.

Bonus To Beverages 

Beverage lovers needn’t limit to tea, coffee or the branded merchandise, where JETSPREE mart is also renowned for being the best wine supplier. UK, Singapore, Italy or Australia, all the country’s splendid wines authentically manufactured and imported are now available at the doorstep.

The customers can get wine, champagne or Sauvignon Blanc from any favourite winery in the world. Special requests are also regarded, and the imported product is shipped to the destination address within a few days. The rates are quite affordable with the exemption of shipping anywhere in the country. Some of the alcohols are duty-free, where some extensively rare might be charged with customs taxes.

A single mart to fulfil all desires, the doorstep delivery also covers daily essentials, accessories as bags and watches, beauty and health products for every requirement. Any foreign brand or featured item in trend is now easy to be obtained first hand in Malaysia.