During the period of foster care, the foster family  agrees to accept to him in the least  and provide for his  care,  his  maintenance , his  upbringing  and  education , taking the necessary psychological care, emotional and material. It is about taking care of a child, making room for him in his home, in his family, in his habits and thoughts foster parent training salt lake city ut.

The family guarantees respect for the history of the minor,  for his or her significant relationships, for his affections and for his cultural, social and religious identity. This means accepting that he comes to our house with his “backpack” of experiences and affections.

Maximum confidentiality on the story of the child and a lot of effort!

The foster family must ensure  the utmost confidentiality regarding the situation of the minor and his family of origin,  care and maintain relations with the biological family and with all the other subjects involved, facilitating the return of the minor to his or her family context, according to the indications contained in the credit project.

It must be borne in mind that children in foster care in addition to the classic commitments: school, catechism, sport have other very specific ones. To this we add the need sometimes to follow psychological therapies or support paths such as the speech therapist.

Meetings to monitor the progress of foster care

In order to monitor the trend of the assignment, the assignee will participate in the  verification meetings on the assignment  arranged over time by the services, according to the methods and deadlines specified in the project: interviews remotely or at the service or even visits from the team at their home. Support and training activities  organized by the association are also proposed for the benefit of foster families  in order to promote opportunities for comparison and discussion on foster care experiences with other families.

Making foster care therefore means being willing to open up, to enter an already existing system of relationships,  which has accompanied the minor in his growth and in his project even before the arrival of foster care .

By doing so, you enter the life of the minor, where everyone will have their own task but they will all be connected with the need for discussion and sharing, aimed at their well-being.